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Bringing Your Vision to Life!!!

Helping creators, brands, and businesses build digital solutions using Wix in a matter of weeks.

Hello Boss!👋 Sukumar here...

Welcome to my Profile!

​I'm a professional Wix designer and partner with over 3+ years of experience in the design and marketing industries.

I've been designing websites on WordPress and Wix since early 2020. And I've started not just to support my hospitality startup but to start exploring and working on new tech and startups.


After failing severely, I joined other startups and worked there as a designer and marketer, where I found my inclination towards Wix as a tech company and started freelancing.


To date, I've helped almost 20 companies by designing their websites on Wix and sharing thoughts on improving their business strategies. And the best part is, two of them got funded last year with a combined cap of $300,000, and the other two won national and international challenges.  

So, if you're someone who is looking for a designer with marketing in mind who can understand your thought process to create high-quality websites and sales funnels, you're at the right place.


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Sukumar has a fantastic can do attitude and can work autonomously and without supervision. He has a great eye for design and is a pleasure to work with.

Mark Woodhall - Founder and CTO, JHJ Technology

Let's Connect...

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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